Maximise your performance by bringing your focus back to what matters


Define what’s possible

Explore and connect with what could-be. Cultivate the skills that allow you to do what’s possible on a consistent basis.

Expand your window of tolerance

Improve your ability to make room for emotional experiences that are currently interfering with your performance.

Approach challenges

Change the definition, significance, and impact of success and failure. Move towards opportunities.

Thrive under pressure

Learn how to sit in the moment, trust yourself, and adjust accordingly.

About Jo

Connecting people with their true potential

I am a Performance Psychologist who works alongside people involved in sport, business and the performing arts.

Applying the science of psychology, I help individuals and groups close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. My approach focuses on what they want to do, helping them become more aware of how their mind works, and developing their ability to access their craft skills when it matters most.

  • √   Committed

  • √   Authentic

  • √   Compassionate